Laid out with an Orange E.P
Written by DJ JM   
Wednesday, 04 August 2010 02:43

Laid Out with an Orange E.P.

40min DnB/Dubstep mix + A bonus track!



A: The Dubsampler:                       B: Tracks 4 U

1. Intro                                          1: Mana-Fest VS Dubsapiens - Something Beltek(Dubsapiens VIP Mix)

2. Bum Song

3. Double Tap

4. Quidnunc

5. Dominator (remix)

6. I'm Lovin it

7. News Time

8. Steal Massive

9. Destination Iyacon

10. J Buns

11. Quatro Equis

12. Smashing (Dubsapiens Remix)

13. Welcome to Beverly Hills

14. Business

15. History


Dubsapiens EP - OUT NOW!!!
Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 24 March 2011 23:25

Out now on Beatport!!!!

Our first release on M-Toxin Recordings is now available on Beatport!
The EP "The Dubsapiens" features 7 tracks.

Low Rumblin Bits
Low Rumblin Bits C-4 Geezus Remix
Ruins of Durnhold
Ruins of Durnhold Maminal Remix
The Bum Song
The Bum Song Hardstep Mix
Distant Tranquility


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