New album- AMELIA’S ODYSSEY coming September 2013!

Orlando, FL – The Dubsapiens are thrilled to announce the release of their sophomore album, Amelia’s Odyssey, available on all digital music retailers in early September 2013.


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Amelia’s Odyssey is the first album by The Dubsapiens to be released on Dynamix Records and the first album since their debut album, The Dubsapiens (M-Toxin Recordings) , in 2011.

Amelia’s Odyssey is an electronic music album consisting mainly of drum and bass and drumstep. The Dubsapiens have taken a different approach in creating this album. They structured it as a concept album with a story line. The story line is about a being from another world named Amelia. She is the commander of a space fleet on her home planet. She is lured from her violent home planet by a strange, yet hypnotizing, musical transmission picked up on her radio. The music draws her to a more serene, harmonious area on Earth.

The album was influenced heavily by concept albums of the 1970’s, science fiction, space travel, regeneration and love.  The idea of a concept album isn’t one that is touched upon often in electronic music. The genre is usually single driven and most albums are more or less a collection of singles. This album follows Amelia on her journey to Earth.  The tracks vary from the deep bass and grinding of “Amelia” to the smooth and sexy “Collide”.

The single, “Collide”(featuring Katrina Mena), has already gained some success in reaching #2 on the Satellite EDM Drum and Bass Hot Picks Charts. The group will also be releasing a short story to go along with the album. The Dubsapiens have planned a release party for Amelia’s Odyssey at Sandwich Bar in Orlando on September 14, 2013.


The Dubsapiens were formed in 2006 by founding member,Kincaide. In 2010, members T.Correy, DJ JM, Solfunkshun, and Manafest were added. The group joined forces with Florida based record label Dynamix Records in March of 2013.


“We want the listeners of this album to submerse themselves in Amelia’s Odyssey. It’s a beautiful tale of hope and transformation that is driving and motivating. It’s something we feel anyone could relate to and fuel them on their own journey”. -Solfunkshun


Get ready to take this journey with “Amelia” and The Dubsapiens when the album hits all digital music retailers September 2013!


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