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The Dubsapiens is a collective of electronic music djs, producers and musicians based in Orlando, FL.  The Dubsapiens  “family” is DJ Kincaide(dj/producer), Joe Wisdom (dj/producer), DJ JM (dj/producer), T.Correy (dj/producer), ManaFest (dj/producer), Binksy (dj/producer) , Solfunkshun(manager/promoter/producer), and DJ K8 (dj). They perform and produce  electronic music from most genres, but mainly Drum and Bass, Liquid Funk,Tech House,Electro House, Breakbeat, DubStep, and Progressive.
The Dubsapiens was founded by DJ Kincaide and Joe Wisdom in Ft. Myers, FL. Kincaide would move to Orlando a few years later and would bring in former Scene Orlando.com resident djs/co founders DJ JM and TCorrey. as dj talent and producers. A couple of years later Reflex Entertainment manager/promoter  and Death by Jazz bass player Solfunkshun would  be added to the group as manager/producer/promoter. In 2011 Tcorrey brought in his brother and sister; ManaFest (dj/producer), and DJ K8 (promoter/dj). Later in the year Binsky (Dj/producer),was added to round out the group.
      The Dubsapiens have performed in various venues around the state of Florida including Orlando, Tampa, Tallahassee, Miami, Ft. Myers and more.  The Dubsapiens have also performed at festivals and in venues in  North Carolina and Maine.  The wealth of talent is not just limited to music and performing as the team is skilled in the disciplines of audio, web design and graphic design.  In addition to nightclub and festival performances, the Dubsapiens have also provided music for events for the students at the University of Central Florida.
In the realm of production and songwriting the Dubsapiens have an extensive library of original music that ranges from drum and bass, dubstep, house, funk, acid jazz and trip hop. In 2010, the Dubsapiens released their first EP of original music for free through their website.  In 2011, the Dubsapiens were signed to renowned Orlando record label, M-Toxin Recordings. M-Toxin Recordings is owned and operated by Seth Vogt and has featured artists such as Dustin Hulton, Discosynthetic, and Thrill da Playa. The Dubsapiens released their first EP with M-Toxin in the Spring of 2011 titled “The Dubsapiens”. Tracks from this release still remain in the top 10 downloaded releases from M-Toxin on Beatport.com.
In March 2013, The Dubsapiens signed with Dynamix Records,LLC and began releasing singles and remixes almost immediately. In May 2013, The Dubsapiens released their single “Quidnunc” on the Dynamix Records Compilation album, Soldiers Vol.1. The Dubsapiens also released a remix of label mate GoLab’s Elements. Scheduled releases on Dynamix Records: “Collide” with Katrina Mena on July 22, “Step It Up” remix in August 2013, and an LP “Amelia’s Odyssey” in August 2013

It’s more than just djing….it is the way of the DUBSAPIEN

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Cliff Smith dubsapiens@dubsapiens.com 407-860-1763

On the web: www.dubsapiens.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/dubsapiens1
Twitter: @thedubsapiens


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