The Dubsapiens

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Artist, producer and dj, Binsky is one of the most recently added members of the Dubsapiens. Binsky aka Drew Jubinsky got his start on his musical journey by being musically influenced by his dad. His dad played drums on a few of the tracks from The Allman Brothers. His dad had been a drummer since …


I was hijacked, SAVE ME!!!

Joe Wisdom aka Doc Disco

Katie Correy


Kincaide has many influences, to many to name, but has been on the D&B tip since 1997. In other words, you may call him a Godfather, because he knows at least ten times more than you know , if you want to test, he is always down to put your face in the dirt. Not …


  BelTek Foundation, SceneOrlandoRadio, starting in 1998 in Orlando, FL Mana_Fest was taught the ways of the wheels by his brother Tim Correy, chacing after house parties, and no show slots. Buying records from his favorite record shop the drop shop! Mana_Fest got schooled by the best of Orlando Locals Dj 420, Wutam, …


Solfunkshun aka Cliff Smith discovered a love for music at a very young age. His parents used to throw parties way back and instead of going to bed when they threw those parties, he would sit up in his room and listen to the music. He was introduced to the sounds of funk, disco and rock and …


  Inspired by his musician father and artist mother, Tim Correy has been surrounded by music and art his entire life. He is the veteran of the Dubsapien family.  He was exposed to electronic music around 1989 and began dj’ing in 1993/94. Tim’s unique sound encompasses a wide variety of styles, genres and even time …

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