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Inspired by his musician father and artist mother, Tim Correy has been surrounded by music and art his entire life. He is the veteran of the Dubsapien family.  He was exposed to electronic music around 1989 and began dj’ing in 1993/94. Tim’s unique sound encompasses a wide variety of styles, genres and even time periods. His live sets are uncompromising, energizing and uplifting. His musical voice is truly his own because he goes where the music takes him, not focusing on any one sound or style, but rather creating a high energy groovespace inspiring the audience to dance and fully become part of the musical journey. He gravitates towards beats that have a lot of energy and emotion, and while he doesn’t have a favorite genre; tunes with grimy-analogue-bassy leads, bangin’ backbeats and moving vocals continually make their way into his sets. Tim draws inspiration from a myriad of things including different moods he’s in, random noises such as train horns or a boat rubbing against the dock, and his family and friends. He is one  of the founders of (one of Orlando, FL’s largest online EDM communities) and,part of the Beltek crew,and currently part of the Dubsapiens as an artist, dj and producer.  Tim continues to delight in playing for audiences with his energetic and fun sets.

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