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BelTek Foundation, SceneOrlandoRadio,
starting in 1998 in Orlando, FL
Mana_Fest was taught the ways of the wheels by
his brother Tim Correy, chacing after house parties,
and no show slots. Buying records from
his favorite record shop the drop shop!
Mana_Fest got schooled by the best of
Orlando Locals Dj 420, Wutam, Justin Davis, Dj Soul,
Andy Hughes, Joel Roman, Junior Jams and the like.
After countless nights to CyberZone, Icon, FireStone, Skinnys.
a circle of friends sat at a table talking about what
could be done to make the scene better.
a few months later SceneOrlando was born
from Sean and Dale Grebey(creator) of “The moon Ayslum” website
that became the foundation for SceneOrlando, Tim and Tom Correy, Matt Midkiff.
Soon there after Moving to Maine in 2002, finding the only Open Tables in the mid coast area at the time was Wild Rufus record store. there he met up with what later became Digital Emissions. Dan Woodrow, Rick Kidson, Lester Lacomb, Amanda Peaslee, and Tom Correy.
Rick Kidson Also just Began a radio show “The Hotel Yarba” every Saturday night 10pm on WERU 89.9FM Blue hill, Maine.
Digitalemissions began mixing at the sation, “The Hotel
yarba” became “The TrakLab” soon there after.
BelTek was born around this time, Digital Emissions hosted a few parties the following years “Cold Fusion, FlashPoint, and of course the Beltek Pre Parties.
Over the years Digital Emissions became BelTek Foundation.After 8 strong years of the Beltek Festival Dj Psydways, and Mana_Fest continue to Play at the station every saturday switching off every other week. bringing the freshest underground dance music to the masses of maine and around the world with a few Special Guest here and there.

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